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Aviation, Administrative / Regulatory, Customs, Antitrust, Commercial, Compliance, Corporate, Taxes, Labor, Trademarks & Patents, Litigation & Arbitrations, Environment, Immigration Matters, Promotion & Advertising, Insurance


FF&L  provides legal advice on airlines starting up (online/offline). In this regard FF&L takes responsibility to participate in Bilateral Air Services Agreements, request traffic rights to the Civil Aviation Authorities, technical and operative matters, immigration and customs issues; labor matters pertaining to airline’s employment, taxation, IATA/BSP/ICH/CASS, code share, interline agreements and related matters, including the Aircraft Register follow up. 
Assistance airlines in their day to day operations.
Advice on airport and airlines ground handling agreements.
Defense of airlines and their underwriters in personal injury, hull, passenger, cargo and baggage claims.
Insurance claims and coverage. 
FF&L has been often retained to cooperate with foreign law firms on matters requiring advice on aviation matters in other Latin American Countries where this law firm  has been using local counsels.

Administrative / Regulatory

FF&L provides legal advice on administrative and regulatory issues involving government agencies, including administrative procedures, request of acquittals, appeals at administrative level and at the Fiscal Court, and to the Administrative Judicial Court.


FF&L has long experience in advising its clients in all matter pertaining to customs law and regulations.
Our firm represents clients and assists them in the defense against penalties imposed by custom, in the administrative level and at the Fiscal Court (Tribunal Fiscal).
FF&L also represents its clients and their insurers companies in cargo claims by shippers and consignees at prejudicial and judicial levels.



FF&L provides legal advice and represents clients at the Argentine Antitrust Agency.


FF&L provides legal advice on: negotiating, interpretation, analysis and drafting of domestic and international agreements.


FF&L has extensive knowledge about compliance of Argentine and foreign regulations, cooperating with its clients to comply with their compliance policies.


FF&L provides legal advice on registration, Spin off, Mergers and Acquisitions, Dissolution & Liquidation of commercial companies.
To members of the board of directors and stockholders: shareholder agreements, joint ventures, companies’ reorganization, strategic alliances, purchase and sale of minority and majority interests, due diligence, sale of company assets.
Defense of the shareholders’ interests.
Registration of companies and their stocks for the sale in the Argentine Stock Exchange and tax law’s effects in the different activities of the companies.


FF&L provides Legal advice on tax law in all kinds of corporate, commercial & finance transactions.


FF&L provides advice in labor matters, regarding collective labor law, FF&L is heavily involved in negotiations with the unions, including drafting of collective bargaining agreements.
FF&L participates in administrative and judicial proceedings in labor trials.

Trademarks & Patents

FF&L assists its clients in the drafting of advertising agreements and publications in the media. Also the firm advises its clients when they need to deal with the National Lottery to conduct bids and raffles

Litigation & Arbitrations

FF&L has a very active trial practice in local and Federal Courts, including Court of Appeals and Supreme Courts, in all areas of the law. It also represents its clients in the provincial courts or in domestic and international arbitration proceedings including IATA arbitrations.
Likewise, FF&L deals with mediations and extrajudicial conflicts throughout the Argentine Republic.


FF&L advises its clients in all matters pertaining to environmental matters, including those affecting airports or aviation related matters.


Immigration Matters

The firm represents its clients vis-à-vis alleged infringements, fines imposed by the Immigration Office, drafting appeals, including appeals at the administrative and judicial level.

Promotion & Advertising

FF&L assists its clients in the registration and re-registration before the Argentine Industrial Property Institute.

Registration of trademarks and licenses.


FF&L provides legal advice on insurance and reinsurance companies.

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